The Great Gatsby's Breakfast

The dining area had an intricate glass ceiling, colorful and reminiscent of art from a previous time in history. Huge archways lined the parameter of the room, and grand columns with carved statues of ancient effigies greeted incoming patrons.

One of my closest friends was visiting New York for the holiday, and her family had given us the most marvelous gift: a fancy meal at the restaurant of our choosing.

And who wouldn’t want to try the Plaza Hotel?

After researching reasonable dinning options, scrolling through online menus, and completing reservations via an internet service, we finally decided upon breakfast at 10:15 in the Palm Courts Restaurant.

The posh 5th avenue hotel is no stranger to the wealthy and aristocratic visitors of NYC. But local societies also dine and divulge in the luxurious facility, giving the Plaza a unique feel of permanent, unchanging history as well as an everlasting and fluid vivacity.

“Miss. Fitzgerald, right this way.”

In the novel, "The Great Gatsby" two character's chat in the hotel's tea garden, so I couldn't help but smile as Alice and I were seated near a renowned palm tree, our table prepared with water and menus. She selected the delicious “Classic Eggs Benedict,” while I choose the immaculate “Plaza Omelet” complete the bits of salmon and warm goat cheese. To top our meals off, we drank warm tea with milk and devoured several crisp pastries.

Our dresses and drinks made me long to burst back into time, while the horse-drawn carriages lining Central Park outside the building did nothing to mollify my overactive imagination. Thoughts of literary figures and movie characters who had frequented this very landmark danced pleasantly in my mind.

I can enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich repeatedly, without much hesitation. And I hope I’ll always be able to throw back a $3 PBR. But the occasional interrupting luxury is much appreciated and of course, extremely memorable. In fact the rarity of the situation is exactly what makes moments like breakfast at the Plaza Hotel so entirely worthwhile.

Thank you again Ricks family! Alice and I enjoyed our adventure :)

Enjoying the tea.

Forget Eloise. Alice at The Plaza.

Classic Eggs Benedict.

The Plaza Omelet.

A staple of the Palm Courts Restaurant.

The Grand Ballroom.

Outside the Plaza after our meal.

Like a scene from a movie...