You Guys Make Me Laugh

So I can see on my blog tracker when someone uses a google search to find the link to "The Why" blog. Don't worry - I can't see who you are... but do I know the key terms used in a search engine that pull up my webpage. And some of them are pretty funny.

For one reason or another, last week there were 19 Google searches (yay!) and a lot of very interesting phrases that 1)brought you to my blog successfully 2)made you accidentally stumble onto my blog or 3)gave you my blog's hyperlink instead of whatever else you were looking for - sorry 'bout that.

Anyways. Here are some of the phrases that led people to the blog this week. I really love that "poor student" and "things an indian would say" were some of the key words.

1) Upbeat Josh Garrels (probably from Summer's 10 Days of Music)
2) Was Random House profitable in 2010 (I wish I knew)
3) They Say A Poor Student (is me)
4) The Usual Please (this post was from when I just found the spring Lounge and Brooklyn Bagel)
5) Britney Fitzgerald NYC Blog (fabulously specific)

1) Newerk Mission Trip (we'll ignore that Newark is spelled wrong because let's face it - I may be the worst speller in all of Knew York Sity)
2) The Why Brifit (which I'm surprised led you to the blog - love it!)
3)Internship Penguin Publishing (from all my searching around)
4) How to Get a Martha Stewart Internship (I'll tell you)
5) Words New Yorkers Say (Dounkin Donuts, you guys, kwoffe, etc.)
6) Ball Room in the Great Gatsby's House (aka. the Plaza Hotel post)
7) List of Things New Yorkers Say (go to the tab "People" on The Why homepage)
8) Student Poor Living (hahaha I love this one...)
9) The Great Gatsby Letting Go of the Past (from a quote in the Annapolis blog post)
10) The Why Brit (I feel like my sister did that Google search)
11) Things an Indian Would Say (I am just so happy someone typed this into Google and then got my blog post about an Indian I met in a bar!)


I see you guys had fun with that. Haha here are the key words from today's statistics.

1) britfit thewhy hey britney i like you i am a town
2) britfit thewhy i can send you any message i want to through
3) britfit thewhy is the sky blue
4) britfit thewhy this is joeyyyyyyy byers
5) britney fitzgerald nyc blog
6) the why britfit
7) bahahah britney this is what your sister googles when she is
8) britfit the why it's a town that was my old roomate earlier

So I think Sebouh and A Town are fighting via google key phrases, and Kathryn threw a search into the mix.

Yeah. You guys make me laugh.