Thursday's Things New Yorkers Say

Some one-liners from the streets of New York and New Jersey:

“Why you don’t got no kid yet?” – Child in Newark asks me. It was sad. But then it was kind of funny.

“Look, honey. I got two hands. I’m not a like uhh… one of those octopuses, ya know?” – Woman talking on her phone walking down 24th street in Chelsea.

“Do you know how to get to the Hustler’s Club?” – Young guy to me when in Hell’s Kitchen.

And no… I didn’t know where the Hustler’s Club was located.

Now, let’s take a look at February in a flash:

Classes began to confuse me.

I bought a plant. I haven't quite planted it yet... but I took the first step.

A yummy Martha Stewart crumb cake was baked and devoured.

We celebrated a birthday!

And we danced.

Finally, there was a photo shoot.

Plus more. But for now, I'm sorry guys - I've got to go. This blog post was short. Here's the thing: I'm reading the Hunger Games and I have about 50 pages left. So I'm going to go disappear into that world for a while, and then I'll be more sociable in a few days. Talk to you again when I'm not in Britney-book-mode... oh the obsessive behavior. It's like a disease! Insomnia, loss of interest, and a whole slew of other side effects you might hear in a prescription's informercial.

Lucky I love this sickness. And if your reading my blog, you probably do too.