What I Do On My Days Off

I’ve got the entire day off you say?
Well of course! I can’t believe I’ve got the whole day.
No internship, work, or even school.
This day, yes. This day will rule.

Maybe I’ll clean my room and make my bed,
But no, I would only do that if I were sick in the head.
Chores are boring and really no fun.
Besides I’ll get back in bed once the day is done!

So maybe I’ll go down the street and wash my clothes.
But honestly that idea just makes me want to doze.
It’s too cold to carry my laundry basket down the block,
So I’ll just do my laundry when it gets hot.

Instead I could do homework and read for class.
But it’s my free day! I’m sure I will pass…
Besides, there is my Fafsa and taxes I must complete.
Not to mention scores of paperwork I should greet.

But no! I refuse! With this dreadful list,
My day off is becoming something to resist!
So I will turn a blind eye and stress myself out during the week,
Thus on my day off only happiness shall I seek.

So these days have been filled with bagels and museum tours,
Or shopping, friends, exploring, and more.
There’s also my list of things to do in NYC I’m trying to beat
And I always love to be busy, out and about on my feet.

While Pace is driving me crazy with these ridiculous forms,
And my “online” W-2 was never emailed to me like it was sworn,
I’m glad I have at least a few hours a week to be free
So I can live an exciting life, or just simply


This past President’s Day, most of me and Ivy's friends had visitors in NYC or were out of town. So we got together and made some breakfast in Queens before visiting the Tenement Museum in the lower east side (two thumbs up!) and then checking out some thrift stores. Not only did we enjoy our fabulous day off from reality, but I found a leather jacket for spring via The Dressing Room consignment shop for cheap!

I can’t tell you how great it was to do nothing.

So we made a crazy breakfast involving doughnuts, strawberries, and cream cheese.

Get chocolate cake-like doughnuts (mine are from Donkin'), and then slice up the strawberries.

Next, slice the doughnuts in half.

Spread a light layer of cream cheese on the glazed side of the doughnut and pile on the fruit.

Martha probably wouldn't like this recipe. Oh but do I...

We also bought some bacon because you know I've got to get my salt.

Next, lightly grease a pan, and toast the tops of the doughnut till they are slightly crispy and deliciously warm.

My first glass of orange juice in months! Ivy and I actually drank the majority of the gallon.

So very good.

Cooking and such.

Putting our plates together and getting ready to watch a Gilmore Girls episode. Because, you know, it's our day off. So we do what we want.

Heaven. Just don't tell the bagel I cheated on him with something this sweet. It will be our little secret...