Please Call Me Back - Part #2

Bing. Buzz. Ring.

Bing Bing Buzz. RIIIIING!

“Parents Magazine this is Britney. Oh hi! No I’m so glad you called back…”

My email was binging, my cell was buzzing, and my desk phone was certainly making himself known with a persistent ring.

“Yes, let me just check my email to see what we needed from you…”

Adrenaline was kicking in as the hours ticked away on my computer clock. If you’re just tuning in, I’ve got about 3 hours to call in books from the major publishing companies in New York. I’ve got no contacts, the books should be complimentary, and they must be rush delivered to the office.

To top it all off Box Expo America was currently underway in the city, which means the majority of publishing offices were empty as employees participated in the largest book fair in America.


“So it looks like we’ll need one of those, and one of these,” I say to a Big Publishing House. In the very back of my mind a small thrill creeps up, reminding me that I’m on the phone with one of the largest book producers in the world. My mind wondered briefly as I daydreamed about stacks of stories...

Bing, Buzz, Ring.

Quickly I turned back into work-Britney mode, or even better (and maybe much worse) I become the one thing my sisters have always despised: Competitive Britney. She rose from the depths of my soul and reared her ugly head! I WOULD NOT FAIL this first project. Even if I went out and bought $85 worth of these books myself, they WOULD be on the desk tomorrow morning.

We did have a small problem though.Two of the largest book companies were not returning my calls, and gave no specific email addresses on their website. But I needed numerous books from both, and if I could get those two contacts, I would have almost half my books. In essence, these were two pivotal companies for the success of my project.

Then suddenly, the coffee started working into my brain and I had a small stroke of genius.

Sure, I didn’t know any editors or publicity agents. And no, I’m not tight with marketers or CEOs. But I certainly know my interns… and they possess a secret power.


I texted Clare and Ivy (my Pub Club gals, classmates, and fellow interns) because it just so happens that they had both recently completed internships at the very two publishing houses I needed to access.


Bless them!

Not only did both of these contacts come through for me in the clutch, but they also promised to help point me in the right direction with the rest of my future projects pertaining to their companies.

“It would be great if you could overnight the package or send a messenger service. Yes? Okay great.”

My day was coming to a close, and it was almost time to run through Grand Central in pursuit of the 6 train.

I had an evening shift at bloomies to complete my 14 hour day, but it didn’t matter because I had gotten my books.

I did not fail my mission.

*Editor’s Note: I owe a big thanks to Ivy and Clare for sharing their insider knowledge. My books wouldn’t have come in without you!


Look at that glorious pile of books. Have you ever seen anything so lovely?