First National Byline

I know it’s only a blog. But it’s a nationally known blog. I know it’s not real print. But it’s based off a real print magazine. I know I’m only an intern – but as it turns out, interns can write too my friends.

So I was quite excited when my first article was published on Parents Magazine’s “Goody Blog” last week.

YES! An actual magazine with an actual blog, giving me… an actual byline. There was none of this published “by the editors” or published “by the staff.” Nope. Britney FREAKING Fitzgerald wrote an article, and then took credit for it. And what a gratifying feeling that was…
So what did I write about? The news? Maybe something baby related? A product recall, or a story about a mother fighting to rid her child of the dreaded, teeth-ruining pacifier?

Nope again.

I wrote about hummus.

Hey. Rule #3: Stick to what you know.
And okay, so the article was kind of assigned. But I took great joy in sampling hummus dishes and thinking of adjectives for this refreshing chickpea treat.

If you haven’t already visited Parents Magazine’s blog, click here.
P.S. – A huge thanks to everyone who commented, liked, re-tweeted, or simply read my article. This is a short and sweet post, but your efforts really do mean a lot to me. Thank you again for always taking the time to read my work… even if you don’t like hummus.

Look at those guys, before they got all famous and such.