Ode to One Long Week

This summer is all about movement and long hours,
But this was one of those weeks when you need super powers.
Between a paying job and my internship,
I’ve typically been working 60 hours a week without quit.

Monday began not bad at all,
Except for one very annoying call.
“Yea, I bought that and I bought this,
But the girl didn’t give me a receipt - and I’m pissed!”

“Well mam,” I say in a positive way,
“We can not take that item back today.
You have no recipe, credit card, or bill,
So your request is one we can not fulfill.”

The yelling and shouting and moaning began,
Making me pull the phone away with my hand.
We all know she stole the clothing or switched the tags,
Because she changed her story twice and her product knowledge lags.

At the end of the night, I really want to go home.
But the subway train stops and lets out a groan.
“We are stuck, so passengers change to another train!”
I think to myself “this is the biggest freakin’ pain…”

Tuesday is a new day, which begins well.
And at my internship, I feel like I’m doing just swell.
But then that night, I’m at Bloomies till 10.
Which means I’ve worked a 13-hour day… again.

See usually we close up the store at 9.
So I get home before 11, which is fine.
But because of a sale this week I’ve been getting out late,
And by the end of today, that’s something I really hate.

Thank goodness this 65-hour week is almost at an end.
Then I’ll be able to sleep and eat normally again!
And I’ll kill the cockroach I found in my room,
I’ll do my laundry and trash, and even use a broom.

Despite all this whining I bet that you see,
I truly am exceedingly happy.
I’m busy and running through the thrilling summer air.
And even with work, I really just don’t care.

You see, summer time is when I fell in love with New York City,
And anything less than exuberance would be such a pity.
So I will smile at work without even making a dime,
Because I know that night, the city will be mine.

Flowers blooming in Washington Square Park.