Tour the New Facebook Timeline

I downloaded the new “Timeline” feature through Facebook last night. Now before you go stalking my page, if you don’t currently have the Timeline feature, you won’t be able to see anything new. Right now, it’s currently in developer mode, meaning you kind of have to hack…er, um… mess with Facebook 
a little bit.

And believe me, if Facebook minded, they wouldn’t let you.

So, want your own Timeline?
Well. Google it, my friends. 

Here are a few snap shots of what’s coming. The first two pictures are the new profile homepage, aka the actual Timeline. Notice “the cover” photo at the top of your page now. 

*Click each photo to expand the view. The browser will not open a new window, so use the "back" button to return to The Why Blog*

You can also see your photos albums and your friends in an updated format:

“Big events” are highlighted in the Timeline with a picture-adding option available. So the profile information change I made when I graduated college now looks like this…

I can even go back to the beginning days of my Facebook in 2005. It’s pretty humorous to see your friends saying they “got sucked in to this whole Facebook thing.”

And now your reward for reading my blog post in its entirety…

Here is the link I used to add the new Timeline feature. Follow the steps carefully, and then let me know if you’ve updated! I want to check out some new profiles. Happy Friday peps.