Fall Trendspotting 2011

There are a few fashion and lifestyle trends I’ve noticed when walking the streets of NYC. Whether it’s a person strutting their stuff in Soho, random subway commuters, or an Astorian hipster, people definitely try to achieve a certain look. Fashion, food, books, movies and more are constantly in flux. So here’s a list of a few things I’ve noticed trending around town.

1) Divine Desserts - Move over cupcakes and mini-cupcakes. There are two new desserts littering New York’s city streets. First the cake pop. Basic in appearance, these yummy snacks are essentially pieces of cake dipped in flavored icing. Starbucks carries some of my favorite types, with super moist cake dipped in chocolate and espresso. The second dessert trend is the macaron (which I’m finding online as spelled both “macaron” and “macaroon”). These treats are made from egg whites, lots of sugar, and usually some form of almond powder. They look like two puffy cookies held together with jam or cream.

2) Spot On! - I’ve been seeing polka dots all over town. Black and white, blue and tan; you name it. Dare I say spots are trying to trump recent winning trends, like the stripe? No, no… I don’t know about that, you J Crew lovers. But it’s there – so watch out!

3) Loose Braids - This is one of those trends I wish I could emulate, but alas, braids and me never really work. I’ve been seeing girls do this loosey-goosey look all September, and I think I’m kind of jealous. Summer’s parallel trend: The top bun.

4) Website Updates - Facebook isn’t the only site getting a facelift. Pandora was just restructured, loosing the 40-hour listening limit per month. Blogger also streamlined its homepage, giving a more modern look to their site, and Pinterest received a few moderate changes. I feel like I’m forgetting one… Oh yes. There’s also Google+.

5) Tablet Debates - Step aside iPad, if only for a season or so. Amazon has just released the new Kindle Fire at the shockingly low rate of $199. This took the market by storm last week, but what of the Nook Color 2 expected to be released this autumn? I’d say one trend for now is “tablet consumer confusion.”

Things of note: jade green dresses, animal print, organic burger joints, Occupy Wall Street protest, iPhone 5 release (if it’s released…), debit cards that charge you, Hulu Ad Swap, book clubs.

*Note: Editor does not agree with or condone all above trends.*