Poor in New York

This is exactly what you want to see in your email. 
Didn't I just add $100 bucks to my account? Where did my money go New York?

I retraced my steps... bought a bagel, some coffee, maybe picked up some milk? No, I didn't even do that. Where the h*** was my money going? I'd never gotten an overdraft email/text/alert before.

'Twas a bad moment for Britney Fitzgerald. 

Then I get a call from my mother later in the evening...
Turns out she was trying to be helpful by giving me a little cash for some tickets home. Alas, she pushed the wrong button and BAM - stole my moola!

Not to worry, she eventually remedied the situation. But during the debacle, I was simply left starring at my bank account, planning out the next PB&J.

And that is when I decided:

 I must really love this dumb, crowded, expensive, smelly, lovely, cultural, beautiful, exhilarating city because I was totally willing to fast until my next paycheck ;)