Let It Begin... Christmas in NYC

“Excuse me miss, which way to Times Square?”
“Pardon, how far is 5th Ave from here?”
“Is this train going up or downtown?”
“Can I take pic-ture with you?”
“Hablas Espanol?!”

Oh yes! It’s that time again. Christmas cheer has spread through New York City as quickly as a rat overtaking an open garage can. (That simile was not meant to imply anything except suddenness…)

Lights decorate skyscrapers, window displays gleam in the night air, and carols are already blasting non-stop in retail outlets. Astoria, Queens – my humble ‘hood – even has Christmas songs playing on the streets until late evening, streaming from elevated outdoor speakers. This extravaganza is about a week too early for my taste, but then again New York has a huge amount of prep work to accomplish the creation of a holiday experience.

Though questions from wide-eyed tourists can be a nuisance while commuting (you don’t want to talk to anybody while you’re in this mindset), I absolutely love their fresh excitement. And, I would dare to say that a good majority of the “New Yorkers” in this city secretly like pointing a lost visitor in the right direction.

So you can ask.
They don’t really mind.

Because let’s face it; at one moment in time, that was us... wondering around the city in absolute awe.  

Macy's Department Store, with the Empire State Building in sight. 

Good old Radio City Music Hall, home to the fabulous "Rockettes."

Happy holidays people! I hope Turkey Day treats you well. And look out for me at the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC!