Soon for Summer Saturdays

The toddlers in their prams babble and mumble,
amongst the city's overall jumble, jumble.
Mothers reach out for sprinkle laced cones.
While the children squeal gleefully, returning to sunlit homes.

Then there's the student on his used bike,
Flying through Washington Square with all of his might.
"Look at these tourist," he'll reprovingly say.
But then he too shall grin, because it's a beautiful day.
(And because he was a "tourist" two years ago anyway.)

Now watch for the dog people milling around.
With bulldogs, and beagles, and any kind of hound.
Their pets will undoubtedly start the conversation.
While the puppy-less onlookers stare in bittersweet frustration.

Ah, over on your left! What do you see?
A brunch plate with bacon, coffee, and tea. 
Unlimited mimosas are for those of a certain age.
While "just a side order" of eggs for those of a certain wage. 

Don't stare; please don't! But on that bench over there,
is a man who has two dirty pigeons in his hair.
Had maybe this been any other town?
I would have said something - now I don't make a sound.

The reader, the writer, the artist, the singer.
The family, the loner, the people - we all want to linger.
There’s a sense of connectedness, a type of attraction.
 Yes - on a city Saturday, we crave subtle human interaction.

Cheers to the beginning of the warm weather months. May they bring you ecstatic, sleepless nights and restful weekend days.