Old Blogs and Old Men

I’m not going to lie.

I’ve had a bit of a hard time transferring over to this new blog. Twice last week, I sat down to write a post about pirate ships, pumpkins, and the end of summer. (It was sure to be a classic…) But both times I found myself logging into that dusty, ol’ Blogger account.

It’s harder to bare one’s soul on a white background.
 (Don’t laugh!)
My last website was dark, with white text.
Emotions didn’t seem so glaring.  
Anger didn’t seem so bitter.
Joy didn’t seem so very annoying.

And did you know that I’d run that blog since 2009?! Five years seems like a long time when it’s a fifth of your life. Then one day, out of nowhere, I up and leave the blog and don’t look back! Seems a bit bad-mannered, wouldn’t you agree?

But of course...
That other website was disastrous.
 The poor thing probably wanted to be retired.
He was old and difficult to modernize.
Even his coding was out of date.
One more click, and he might have crashed into internet oblivion.  

So, to recap:
White background = way more vulnerable.
Vulnerable me = nervous and sad about change.
Stubborn and changeless = the creation of a coping mechanism.
Coping mechanism = depicting my old blog as an old man, praying for retirement.

What I’m trying to say, is that I’m not always good with change.
But it was time.


Speaking of change, fall has officially arrived.