Welcome to the New Blog

 It's about time, right?

Welcome to the new blog! You'll notice that I'm still trying to decide on a few things (fonts), and that some of the old blog posts are difficult to read (more font issues), but overall I'm happy with the update.

What to note:

  • Sharing buttons for social media are now at the bottom of each post.
  • To search for past blog posts, use the "Search" tab in the left-hand navigation bar. I've also imported The Why Blog's archiving system under this tab.
  • There were over 700 old blog posts downloaded into this site, most of which have a few font errors. These will (eventually) be fixed.
  • Even though I was able to preserve the old blog, I'm not going to put a redirect on that site just yet, as I'm still figuring out a few kinks.

Think something's missing? Feel free to reach out! And enjoy...